The Top Ten Reasons to Purchase a Fontus Protector Plus Water Treatment System


1. The single greatest money saving benefit of having a water treatment system is the protection it provides to your home's water using appliances. What would it cost to repair or replace the washing machine, dish washer, water heater, automatic ice maker, coffee maker, faucets etc. in your home? Not to mention delivery and installation charges, service calls, and the inconvenience of lost time. Think of a water treatment system as both preventive maintenance and an improvement on your quality of life. Our systems are designed specifically for western Colorado water.

2. A Protector Plus Water Treatment System removes chlorine and other volatile organic compounds from all the water in the house. Chlorine is a major cause of asthma and other respiratory problems. Reduces or eliminates the need for bottled water. Provides significant savings in drinking water costs as well as eliminates plastic bottles being thrown away and filling landfills.

3. Increase the future value of your home with a high quality water treatment system that has a simple, long term (5 year) warranty. Fixtures, sinks, tubs and showers look like new, as well as dishwashers and washing machines.

4. Soft water is much better for your skin and hair. That silky feeling is the feel of normal, healthy skin, without clogged pores and dry hair from calcium and soap residue.

5. Kitchen utensils, dishes, flatware and particularly glasses have a greatly increased life span without harmful spotting, etching and staining.

6. Preserve the beauty and value of your home by preventing costly fixtures, faucets, plumbing, shower doors and surfaces from unsightly calcium staining and build-up.

7. Uses Potassium Chloride for regeneration. Better for the environment and wastewater treatment plant. For example, Rifle water is already 7 times the state recommended limit for sodium. Potassium is a vital nutrient needed by plants animals and humans. More efficient than comparable salt systems.

8. Between 22% and 29% more energy is consumed by a water heater operated on hard water. Saves money on natural gas usage as well as prolonging the life of the water heater.

9. The life of clothing and household textiles is prolonged up to 15% when washed in conditioned water.

10. The average person cleaning the home spends more than 6 hours a month cleaning up tap water spots, streaks and scum. Eliminates the need for harsh chemical cleaners such as Lime Away and CLR. Also reduces or eliminates the need for Ajax or Comet, protecting the sheen on sinks and tubs.

You also get us. Our reputation for quality equipment, customer satisfaction and service after the sale has prompted many letters of recommendation and appreciation. See the back of this sheet for excerpts from our satisfied clients. Many of our homeowners have purchased multiple units for another new home or their second or rental properties. This should probably be number one on the list, but that would be bragging.