Residential Water Treatment Systems


A water conditioner that IS a water conditioner! Now, say "so long" to outdated, water wasting, salt polluting water softeners of yesterday. The Protector Plus NO SODIUM, water efficient, high performance line of water conditioners for the home reduce hardness, iron, nitrates, sulfates, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine. NO other water conditioning system does all this! And they are backed by an excellent warranty of FIVE YEARS!


New media technology, developed after years of testing and field applications, produces a quality of water never before achieved with plain water softeners. Highly efficient stratified mixed bed media conditions and clarifies well or city water sources to a new standard in water conditioning. And, since no sodium is added to the water, like old-fashioned, out-dated, salt regenerated water softeners, DRINKABLE water comes from every tap! Improves the quality of both city water and well water supplies to make water work harder for cleaning and taste better for drinking and cooking, eliminating bottled water costs and inconveniences forever!

Protector Plus Water Treatment Systems

Specifically designed for the Western Slope of Colorado. The Protector Plus Water Treatment System single tank or twin tank unit features high flow rates and greater media capacity to tackle the problem water often seen in our area. On-demand valve design, featuring Clack WS-1 or Fleck valves offers dependability and peace of mind that only two of the largest valve companies in the US can provide. On-demand simply means zero waste. Regeneration is based on water usage, not time. Part-time homeowners or those homeowners that travel often will appreciate knowing that their system is not wasting water when no water is being used.

The Protector Plus Water Treatment Systems not only reduce the hardness and build-up on fixtures and appliances, they also reduce or remove Chlorine and Sodium. They will provide safe water for plants, animals and humans. Your clothes, dishes and fixtures will last longer and look newer. Think of the added value to your property. Imagine the savings in cleaning products and time needed to clean up the effects of hard water. No more CLR or Lime Away!

Our protector Plus systems feature 1 or larger porting for excellent water flow. Multiple tank sizes are available to fit your specific water or space requirements. We can also customise the media for your particular needs. Brine tank for single tank. Potassium storage is 11" square and 33" tall. Average Potassium usage is one 40 pound bag per month, depending on water quality and number of people in the home. Protector Plus Water Treatment Systems require a standard 110 volt outlet and uses approximately 10 cents of electricity/month. All components made in America.