Rebates and Incentives

Rebates and incentives for solar electric systems in Colorado are better than ever before, thanks to the passing of Amendment 37 and the desire among many Colorado residents and leaders to make Colorado a national leader in renewable energy. Rebate structures vary among the different utilities and depending on the size of system being installed. However, Federal Investment Tax Credits are universal, and provide a 30% tax credit after rebates on residential and commercial-use solar systems installed through 2016. This incentive alone is enough to make solar energy for your home or business an attractive option, Any rebates available from your utility can save you significantly more. Xcel Energy provides different tiered programs, however, Xcel is nearing its Amendment 37 mandate and could end the rebate program at any time. The most common is listed below.

Utility Rebates

Xcel Energy's Solar Rewards Program is divided into three categories, based on system size, with different requirements, benefits and availability for each. Simplicity Solar East can provide analysis of your facility and determine the best and most appropriate program for you. Below is a brief summary of the residential and small business program offering. You can read about the program in detail at This is a dynamic program that is subject to changes. Simplicity Solar East works closely with Xcel Energy to stay on top of changes to this program as they happen.


This is generally referred to as the residential program, but is not restricted in any way for business or commercial participation. If your business has relatively low electric usage, you'd like to just meet a small portion of your electric needs with solar, or you have multiple electric meters on your property, this category can work for you.

This category offers rebates and up-front REC purchase payments, based on DC nameplate capacity of your system. That means you pay a smaller percentage of the total installed cost of a solar system, and the after-rebate tax credit of 30% can bring the real cost down substantially for small business! The application process is simple (and we do it all for you), there are currently no limits on the number of new applications accepted. The funds for both the rebate and REC purchase are paid by Xcel sometime after project completion. Don't delay! Contact us today to get started on your solar project, because these rebates are the best they will probably ever be and will very likely be reduced at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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