Why Solar Energy is the Best Choice

As a home and/or business owner, we know you are aware of the spiraling cost of energy. We own our home and business also. To insure our success, we looked into some ways we can cut costs and protect our future. We investigated and invested in renewable energy, specifically solar electric for our property. Because of our research, we are now offering this information and opportunity to you.

You have to buy your electricity from somewhere. Why not become your own supplier? Rebates and tax credits make installing solar electric one of the easier decisions you can make. The information included on this site will introduce you to solar electric and hopefully show you how an investment in solar electric can safeguard your family and business from the ever-increasing cost of electricity and help protect the environment.

If you are an Xcel Energy customer, Xcel Energy is still providing rebates paid out for your production before the electricity goes into your home or business. These production payments are paid out for 10 years. There is also a 30% tax credit available from the government. This is a dollar for dollar credit against your income tax liability, not gross income. If you don’t owe enough income tax, you can carry over the credit for up to 20 years and deduct what you can each year until the credit is used. You also guarantee the cost of some or all of your electricity for the next 25+ years! Depending on your energy usage you may be able to sell your excess production back to the grid and Xcel Energy. That’s what we are doing. Nationally, every $1000/year of electricity produced increased the value of a home by $20,000! It makes good economic sense to invest in solar power. For more information visit the Xcel Energy website.

For more information, visit our Residential Solar Installations page or our Commercial Solar Installations page or click on the links above. The information included in these links will help you find out how solar can have a dramatic impact on your home, your business and your future!